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by: Maria T
uploaded: 02/04/2022
Purple and pink silk flowers I'm dressed in Parisian glamour I was so pleased you noticed Your delight was an added bonus The thrill of the chase never sours I dream about you for hours and hours and… But the longer you hesitate, I can't promise you I'll wait I can't promise you that I'll stay I'm more than a million dollars But I don't need you to tell me that The clothes on my back are a super power After everything that's passed --- Tuning: E A D A A E Gear: Supro Delta King 8, Squier Jazzmaster, Recidivist EQ/OD, EQD Monarch OD, Bearfoot Arctic White Fuzz, EXH Stereo Trem, Moog MF Delay, Boss Super Shifter PS-1  
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