Fresno 1992 - The Walk Home

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by: David Earl
uploaded: 02/07/2022
Just another night in Fresno 1992 Walking home from work down Ashlan Avenue Folks are driving past me screaming ‘faggot ‘ out the window You know there’s Nothing quite like central valley innuendo My hair is long I’m smellin’ bad and I have this bad goatee Friends all seem to love me by my nickname ‘Shaggy E’ Just another muppet who is playing in a band Falling through his life with no idea where to land So I’m passing through Fig Garden and I’m half way home Here they have real trees where the rich people roam As I pass by their compounds I catch conifer* scents And wonder where the fuck all of my chilhood dreams went Now the houses dwindle down and buildings are more sparse This is the perfect spot where I could end this stupid farce I turn the corner where the train crosses the canal and walk the last mile quickly before bankrupting morale There is this group of ducks that waddle all around my place I’m doing everything I can to give the fuckers space If they see me they’ll come looking for a fight And those fuckers get all in my shit and who knew that ducks can bite? There is my apartment and there’s my neighbors from below Knocking on my door and peering through my window They come up to tell me ‘We think s*omeone stole your things’ The fact they likely did it? Well yeah that kinda stings. The crack they smoke sometimes lingers just outside The EMTs told me once the woman almost died I guess I should be happy that they aren’t on PCP and that even at my lowest hard drugs just were not for me So I get inside and the light switch doesn’t work It’s a long story why, because my boss a jerk So I light a couple candles and I try to read a book Then maybe there’s a package left of Ramen I could cook  
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Fresno 1992 - The Walk Home
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