the nil phase [redux; SaD16]

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/09/2022
After the system failure of 2019 Week-4, I've been trying to piece together all my old Song-a-Day files from the wreckage. This one has a much different vibe and aspiration from the original version. I started with some sketchy lines of ol'knob-automation from the play-through in 2016, but had no sounds underneath any of them except for a couple of dry drum loops, a few midi lines and the file on here (01/29/16). What started out as trying to match the sounds of the original has become it's own thing. Finally some fun for me here in year ten, since it seems I've got no mojo this year. I might just do a few of these instead. Or what-notz...          
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the nil phase [redux; SaD16]
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