Tripping at Hades Playground

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/05/2022
 Trying to channel Massive Attack... not sure I'll be 'rapping' publicly again in a while! Can't keep a lie so I'm peddling lost souls For a kinda geezer that I met in a dark hole Streaming in my consciousness for screams that they have told me That I will be finding or they're coming to get me Pushing through a fug the infiltrates my perception My skull feels like it's pouring out a cocktail of action Got a gift for ruining those and I could abuse it But to get a shot at redemption I'll have to suffuse it There's a black plume exuding from the swamp round my head Trying really hard to not leave too many dead sould Tripping over shadows in attempts to repent Pursuing ever further my eternal lament Splashing about by the Styx for my liberty hoping to snare mortal souls for curiosity Serving out my time that I spend undeservedly I wish I knew what it was I did to end up here in the first place  
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Tripping at Hades Playground
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