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by: Maria T
uploaded: 02/09/2022
When I'm with you, I'm the best version of myself I'm flying high, I don't need anything else But I can see you're dragging And need to head out for a spell The world's overwhelming you don't gotta tell me Your silence is all it takes Whatever you need, I've got it in spades Even when we're not in the same place I hope you can hear me From wherever you are today I think about you so dearly Are you doing OK? --- Tuning: Standard Gear: Supro Delta King 8, Squier Jazzmaster, Reuss Recidivist EQ/OD, EQD Monarch OD, EHX Stereo Trem, Moog MF Delay, Bearfoot FX Arctic White Fuzz, Boss Super Shifter PS-1  
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