Fullness of Time

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by: Jonathan Alright
uploaded: 02/10/2022
Is it true what I heard That you left town How can the birds sing With you not around The last words you said Ring in my head As the world comes tumbling down The swans on the lake Hang their heads in despair They refuse to look up If they won’t see you there And the flowers you left Look so bereft With their leaves all Spotted and brown I believed in the words That you said to me About how together We always would be But those sweet words Meant nothing to you You washed them away Down the drain like shampoo Now my days crawl by Like I’m walking hot coals And my nights won’t end Like the screams of dead souls And the house that we built Has crumbled and fell What I took for love Was just being under your spell The sun hides it’s face Away in the clouds And the moon stays alone Away from the crowds The stars burn out One by one Cant it really be over Can my race have been run One of these days I will pick myself up Take stock of what I go And see it’s a lot But for now I’ll just Sit here and stare And contemplate where you are And why I’m not there The sun’s coming up A new day has dawned I think I’ll go out Pick your things off the lawn I’ll keep them safe I’ll put them with mine Just in case you come back In the fullness of time  
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Fullness of Time
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