One for the Commonwealth

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by: Jonathan Alright
uploaded: 02/16/2022
It may come as a surprise That I remember your eyes But how could I forget something So pure and so deep The last time I saw you I was just starting out I was hungry and restless and I lived on the cheap But it’s been a long time Since now and those days And I seem to have come out Standing up on my feet So let us call for one more round Raise a glass to our health Drink one for the days before And one for the Commonwealth Do you remember the old streets Where we spent all our days And the way the light died Through the trunks of the trees It was such a short time But it’s here with me still I often return there at night In my dreams Well I’ve had some good times And some bad ones it’s true But the times that come back most Were those one’s I spent with you Chours Do you remember the park where We used to get high The alleys and the diners And the feel of the air Where we ever so young We were never undone We flitted about like a song in the air  
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One for the Commonwealth
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