Ezmerelda Zelder

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/28/2022
Ezmerelda Zelder felled a rotten tree Then she helped her neighbour shell a thousand peas Ezmerelda Zelder gelled her hair straight up Then she pelted SUVs with mud Ezmerelda telled a rather dirty joke and made a hearty cup of tea friendly folk Leant her broomstick by the door for people to see Just to check reputation's as it should be [chorus] She's trying to make the world a nicer place For everyone that lives nearby that doesn't waste Their time by being stuck in a selfish cloud Ezmerelda just you carry on Ezmerelda's neighbour was called Mizrabella Who only thought about herself and her absent fella Ezmerelda belled her but she'd get short shrift Others might just give up and declare a rift Ezmerelda always had some time for coffee Held out with her patience, whatever the scene Let her black cat roam about to feed the cliche But everyone who knows her knows it's how it should be [chorus] Ezmerelda Zelder found a mob outside Mizrabella'd told them all some witchy lies Ezmerelda sought out Mizrabella to say It's ok to miss your fella, Come on in inspect my cellar, Then we'll have a lovely cup of tea. [chorus]      
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Ezmerelda Zelder
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